Brock Lesnar’s MMA Career is Done

Chael Sonnen Brock Lesnar is Done Fighting

Brock Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance in two drug tests related to his UFC 200 bout with Mark Hunt. Unless he is somehow completely exonerated, Lesnar is done with MMA, according to former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen.

Having tested positive in a June 28 out-of-competition drug test and then again, for the same substance, in his July 9 fight-night drug test, it appears unlikely that Lesnar can find a way out of sanctions from the Nevada Athletic Commission and the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

If he doesn’t, in Sonnen’s opinion, Lesnar’s MMA career is over. Almost everyone understands and believes that would be true, but that’s where it should end, says Sonnen.

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There are many people that are upset that Lesnar isn’t being punished by his other employer, the WWE. The professional wrestling organization has Lesnar lined up to face Randy Orton at its next major event, SummerSlam. There are many people that are upset over the WWE not pulling Lesnar from SummerSlam, but don’t count Sonnen among them.

“If (Lesnar) did something with the UFC, then he’s got to deal with that,” said Sonnen. “Not some match with some organization that isn’t even a resistance applied contested combat of any sort. Don’t pile on Brock on that regard.”

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