by Jeff Cain – MMAWeekly.com

A former NCAA heavyweight wrestling national champion and pro wrestling superstar, Brock Lesnar made his mixed martial arts debut in impressive fashion on June 2nd against Min Soo Kim. That fight was fulfillment of a one-fight deal with K-1.

Now, the 30-year-old Lesnar wants to compete in the UFC.

With his collegiate wrestling accomplishments and pro wrestling popularity, Brock Lesnar is one of the highest profile free agents in MMA. Sporting an MMA record of 1-0, what Lesnar lacks in MMA experience, he more than makes up for in potential pay-per-view buys.

Contacted by several promotions, Lesnar is tired of the run-a-round and is ready to ink a deal.

“We’re playing the games, but I’m tired of playing games,” stated Lesnar. “It’s time for somebody to make a move. I’m going to go down to the UFC and see what the hell is going on down there.”

Asked if he has talked to UFC President Dana White about his interest in competing in the Octagon, Lesnar answered, “We’ve spoken. I cannot deny or confirm anything. I’m just telling you this, I’m going to be there Saturday night and I’m looking for a win. I don’t care who it is. If I had to fight somebody, I’d like to fight Randy [Couture]. I’ll fight [Gabriel] Gonzaga. We’ll see what happens.”

He added, “I hope Randy wins that fight. I hope Randy wins that fight and then I can fight him in December.”

“I’m going to be attending the UFC this weekend, and I’m going to go down and watch and see in person, because I’ve watched these guys fight on TV. I’m going to go down there and see for myself and watch these heavyweights that I know I can beat,” Lesnar told MMAWeekly.

“I’m looking to fight somebody with credentials. I’m not just talking Silver Medals in Judo. I want a belt. I’ve fought a lot of tomato cans. I’ve already had it. You know? I want a fillet Mignon. Let’s do it, and do it right. I want to fight somebody, somebody that’s got credentials because I’ve got them too. There isn’t a wrestler, there isn’t a heavyweight out there my size that has done the things I’ve done.”

Questioned if the UFC is where he’d like to eventually compete, Lesnar responded, “The UFC, they’re the big dogs on the street, obviously. You’ve got Randy Couture, who he’s definitely going to be past his prime here. You’ve got Fedor [Emelianenko]. There’s nobody out there that is unbeatable. Okay? All the media builds Fedor into this great monster. Well, every monster has his day.

“There isn’t a guy like me walking around that can do the things that I do. These guys, they don’t know. Let’s put it this way, in college, or everywhere that I’ve gone, everybody has said that I’m one strong son-of-a-bitch, and that’s what I am, and I’m able to back it up.”

Lesnar has a wrestling resume that rivals or surpasses most everyone competing in MMA. We’ve seen accomplished collegiate wrestlers like Randy Couture, Matt Lindland, Josh Koscheck, and others succeed in MMA.

Does Lesnar believe he has the ability to have the same success?

“Absolutely, no doubt in my mine. I mean, you take Randy Couture for example, I mean he’s the heavyweight champion of the UFC, but he’s a small heavyweight. Let’s face it, Tim Sylvia was not a legitimate heavyweight champion,” responded Lesnar.

“I enjoyed watching Randy beat the sh*t out of Tim Sylvia. I enjoyed that. I mean take a look at this guy, Tim Sylvia, the guy’s feet; they’re damn near webbed. He looks like the Swamp Thing. The guy is a vulture. He can’t wrestle worth a crap. He’s got a jab and a little right hand. There’s no way. I’d double-leg his a** right through that cage so fast, and that would be the end of the fight. I’m tired. I’m tired of this. Brock Lesnar wants to fight somebody, somebody with credentials, and Tim Sylvia ain’t the guy.”

“I’m a fighter, and I believe that if somebody should be holding a belt in the UFC, it’s Brock Lesnar.”

The UFC has negotiated with Kurt Angle to fight in the Octagon; it would only make sense for them to jump on the opportunity to sign Lesnar.


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