Brock Lesnar Joins K-1

Brock Lesnar at K 1 Dynamite USA

Brock Lesnar at K-1 Dynamite USA

Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brock Lesnar of former WWE fame climbed into the ring after being announced by Jimmy Lennon that he has joined the K-1 organization. Lesnar said that he has been wanting to do this for awhile and that he is excited about the opportunity.

After that announcement, Royce Gracie climbed into the ring telling the crowd that he would be training Brock Lesnar, also mentioning that it is an honor to be able to work with Lesnar. Royce said, “K-1 asked me to train Brock, to build my own champion.” Royce continued, “He’s a professional athlete and wrestler so I will teach him some finishing holds. I have never worked with anyone this size, since I don’t have his physique I’ll show him what I know, as long as he promises not to come back and fight me and my family later!”

Lesnar has a legitimate background in collegiate wrestling were he won the 2000 National Collegiate Athletic Association title, so Lesnar has a legitimate chance of being successful in MMA with the proper training. Lesnar said, “Training for mixed martial arts is not easy, I have to learn striking, kicking, defense and submissions. But I have Royce Gracie to help me, he’s the man in mixed martial arts so it’s a no-brainer — I’m honored to be working with him.”

So it’s finally official after all the rumors. Lesnar will fight in the HERO’S promotion of K-1 when it is tentatively planned to have his first fight for HERO’S in February of 2007. Lesnar said, “I was a takedown artist in wrestling, and I hope to do that again. My goal is to get guys on the ground — that’s what I’m comfortable with — and then beat their heads in!”