Brock Lesnar Begins Drug Testing Under UFC/USADA Anti-Doping Program

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency recently confirmed that former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar had emerged from retirement and re-entered the testing pool for UFC athletes. Now, it has been confirmed that Lesnar has undergone his first doping control since re-entering the pool.

USADA has not released any public information regarding Lesnar’s test results, but the agency, as the administrator of the UFC’s Anti-Doping Program, has reported on its web database that Lesnar has undergone one drug test in 2018.

USADA doesn’t usually address drug test results unless the subject of the test addresses it publicly, and that generally only occurs when there is an adverse finding.

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Lesnar, after having tested positive for clomiphene at his last fight, which was originally a win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200, retired instead of serving out his full USADA imposed suspension. He must fulfill the six months remaining on that suspension and be clean on all of his drug tests during that time in order to be reinstated.

If Lesnar clears his six month suspension and clears up a $250,000 fine with Nevada, he is expected to challenge newly minted UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier for his belt.