Brittany Cloudy focused on the task at hand heading into LFA 83

It proved to be a watershed year for bantamweight Brittney Cloudy in 2019.

In addition to a move to train with Team Oyama in California, Cloudy returned to fighting after an extended period of time off and rebounded from a loss in her pro MMA debut with an undefeated year in 2019.

“I had taken a full year off from competition, and I came back and got two wins back to back,” Cloudy told “I was doing everything that I was planning and aspiring to, so I’m looking forward in 2020 to keeping up that same momentum.”

Having previously been a teacher in her native Missouri, Cloudy’s move to California to train and pursue fighting full time was a big step, but it so far has paid off in her development and success in the cage.

“One of those top places I always wanted to go was California because of the weather and location, and MMA is really big over here, so it seemed fitting to check something off my bucket list as well and pursue my dream,” said Cloudy.

“A big difference is the consistency of training and the volume of training. I’m getting a lot more work in than I was able to do before while juggling a full-time job. But also smaller changes (like) sharpening and honing in on my fundamentals and skills that I really needed to sharpen. I’ve noticed a lot of changes big and small.”

On Friday in Dallas, Texas, Cloudy (2-1) will look to extend her winning streak when she faces Hailey Cowan (4-1) in a main card 135-pound bout at LFA 83.

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“Moving up to bantamweight, feeling comfortable there, having an opponent the same height, and it seems like strength is one of her things, and is one of mine as well, I’m looking forward to clashing it out and will definitely be looking for a finish,” Cloudy said of facing Cowan. “I think it will be a really great physical fight for me.

I’ve gone into plenty of fights as the underdog, and I don’t mind it at all. At the same time, any fight, as soon as the cage closes, everyone doesn’t really exist anymore, and it’s just about what happens in the cage and what I do from there on out.”

While Cloudy has something larger she wants to work towards in 2020, in order to get to that she has to make sure her immediate goals are met, which is how she wants to approach her career this year.

“I have an overall plan of where I would like to see the year go and how I would like it to go, but in the moment I like to be in that moment and go one fight at a time,” said Cloudy.

“If I can accomplish my day to day goes then I’m leading towards accomplishing my month by month and yearly goals. It’s in the back of my mind, the long-term plan, but I’m focused on the task at hand.”