British Strongman Oli Thompson Forced Off UFC 138 Fight Card with Injury

October 18, 2011

Oli Thompson

Oli Thompson

Oli Thompson is the latest casualty to the UFC 138 fight card that is scheduled for Nov. 5 in Birmingham, England; and he isn’t happy about it at all.

“I just got out of assessment and it’s confirmed, I have a partial tear of the muscle under the bicep, the brachialis,” the former UK’s Strongest Man told, adding that the injury couldn’t have come at a worst time for him.

“I have just gone through nine weeks of hard training, I am in great shape, so it’s especially hard to have to pull out of the bout, especially as it was meant to be my (UFC) debut, too.”

Coming into this fight, Thompson had stepped his training up a gear, mixing it up with the Wolfslair and focusing on the key elements he needed to counter such a solid grappler as Phil De Fries. Things had been going well, his strategy for the fight was in place and everything was on track, but a loud popping noise brought the party to a halt.

“I was turning my body while escaping from the bottom, and my arm got left behind. I heard a loud pop and then my arm didn’t feel right. I had no power in it and knew something serious had happened.”

No stranger to tearing muscles, Thompson knew what he had to do to get the injury inspected before working out what his options were. Strongmen competitors have always put their bodies on the line and pushed the limits of their muscular resistance, in MMA the injuries can be similar, but thankfully, this time Thompson didn’t suffer a full detachment of the muscle.

“I have had a full bicep tear before and it’s certainly no fun. I am officially on the sick list to rehab it for about five weeks, have some ultrasounds, and a clean diet to make it all heal up, then hopefully get a re-scheduled fight on (one of the) cards.

“I am gutted that the fight is off, I had all my bases covered and it would have been an honor to fight someone as talented as him on the ground,” a dejected Thompson said of De Fries. “Hopefully we can cross paths in the future.”

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