Bristol Marunde Gets Back to the Grind Heading into Titan FC 29 Bout with Micah Miller

August 21, 2014

Bristol MarundeFor UFC and Strikeforce veteran Bristol Marunde, getting things back on track after two straight losses came down to not changing what he was doing, but more so remembering who he was as a fighter and getting back to what he did best.

In getting a win over Ian Williams in April at Combat Games MMA, Marunde returned to the form that saw him win 10 of 12 fights prior to joining the UFC.

“This fight (against Williams) was a little different for me because I had started working with (former Team Quest head trainer) Robert Follis,” said Marunde. “He sat me down for lunch (prior to the fight) and was going over my game plan and pretty much told me that I have to get back to what I’m good at.

“(Follis) told me the path to getting back to being a winning fighter is knowing who you are. I need to get inside, fight inside, grind guys, and be an in-your-face type of fighter.”

Having both built their careers in the Northwest, Marunde and Follis were able to reconnect after relocating to Las Vegas.

“I’ve known Robert for a long time,” said Marunde. “Any time I could get privates with him I would always pull him aside and have him teach me stuff. His style is great for an in-your-face type of fighter. It matches well with me.

“When he moved to Las Vegas, I followed him and now we’re both at Xtreme Couture together. It’s a great match and I’m really happy, and hopefully we can get on a big winning streak together.”

Marunde (13-9) will look to pick up his second win in a row at Titan FC 29 on Aug. 22, when he takes on fellow former WEC standout Micah Miller (19-6).

“This is an interesting match-up because Micah has fought at smaller weight classes and is a submission fighter, while I’m larger and more of an offensive guy,” said Marunde. “I’m going to be grinding and putting it on him. I’m just going to come at him and drop some bombs.

“I’m sure he trains hard, he comes from a good camp, but I’m going to come at him hard and I don’t think he can stop me.”

Looking ahead, Marunde will base his success off of making himself happy and living up to the standards he’s set for himself.

“I’d like to just keep fighting,” he said. “I’m not focused on making the ‘big bucks.’ I’m not going to be rich and famous, I just want to fight and win.

“I want to know that I went out and achieved what I was capable of doing. I don’t feel I’ve done that up to this point. I feel like I’m a lot better than I showed in the UFC, and I want to make up for that. That’s part of why I’m fighting in Titan, and I’ll show how good I am.”

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