Brian Peterson confident he can finish Ryan Debelak at LFA 64

April 24, 2019

Though he hasn’t had a lot of output over the course of his first two years as a pro, heavyweight Brian Peterson has been able to be effective in the fights he has been able to have.

In three bouts since March of 2017, Peterson has gone undefeated, with two finishes in his three victories.

“We tried to get a couple more fights in there, but it just didn’t pan out with cancellations and injuries,” Peterson told “It didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to, but I’m happy to get out to that great start.”

Peterson understands the sometimes sporadic nature of MMA, and has been able to remain motivated by focusing on what he does and not worry so much about other aspects of the sport.

“I think we have to work through it,” said Peterson. “There’s a lot of uncontrollables in MMA. Me, my team and coaches focus on the things we can control. The only thing I can really control is staying in the gym and staying ready.

“Even though I’ve had time off, we’ve really just developed my skills. I think you’ll see a completely different fighter out there. I’m excited to showcase those skills we’ve worked on.”

This Friday in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Peterson (3-0) will look to remain undefeated when he faces Ryan Debelak (5-4) in a main card heavyweight bout at LFA 64.

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“I’ve had an opportunity to watch a little bit of tape on him, and I think he’s a one-dimensional striker,” Peterson said of Debelak. “I think wrestling and the ground has plagued him a little bit.

“On the last couple of camps we’ve really focused on getting takedowns, getting on top of guys and finishing guys there. Even if we don’t get takedowns, I’m confident I can finish the fight on the feet.”

Having gotten into MMA at a later stage in life, and after having a stop and go run of things so far, Peterson feels like now is the time if he’s going to make an impact in the heavyweight division.

“I’m older; I’m 38; so I have to set a timeframe,” said Peterson. “We can’t just sit around. That was one of the things that was frustrating and disappointing about that year off was, even though we were able to develop skills, the clock was ticking.

“I am putting a timeframe on myself, because I know that window is slowly fading away, so we’ll just kind of push stuff, finish guys and stay on the winning side of things.”