Brian Ebersole Calls Coaching TUF: The Smashes His ‘Dream Job’

Brian Ebersole may not be a native Australian, but he certainly has fallen in love with the Land Down Under over the last few years.

Currently sporting a 4-0 record inside the Octagon, Ebersole has become a transplant to Australia and that’s why when he heard about the next edition of the international Ultimate Fighter landing there he got excited.

The Smashes: Team Australia vs. Team U.K. began holding tryouts just a couple of weeks ago and while the coaches for the reality show haven’t been announced, Ebersole is throwing his hat in for consideration.

“That’s a dream job. I mean to be on the highest stage as a coach, I got there as an athlete, to get that recognition for my coaching abilities and my personality, which I have been cultivating since I was four-and-a-half years old, that would be amazing,” Ebersole told MMAWeekly Radio following his last win at UFC on FX 4.

“To be able to pick my staff and to be able to reward some of the people that have really helped me by giving them a really cool job and a really cool challenge, I think would be awesome.”

Ebersole has been coaching and training in Australia over the last few years, and since the UFC has made a few trips there for shows, the sport is continuing to explode.

The newest version of the reality show will only further the growth of MMA in Australia, and that’s why Ebersole wants to be a part of something he already helped build.

“I’ve coached a lot of Australians and I think I know one or two or maybe more kids that have made this cut for The Smashes series, and it would be a pleasure to take them through this little chapter, through this little journey and give them the best possible chance I could and that they could possibly have to win,” Ebersole said.

Where there are a few fighters in the UFC from both Australia and neighboring country New Zealand, the name that seems to pop up most frequently when the coaching job for The Smashes comes up is Australian born lightweight George Sotiropoulos.

Sotiropoulos has been out of action due to injury for most of the last year and is currently riding a two-fight losing streak. Ebersole is also quick to point out that Sotiropoulos didn’t cultivate his MMA game in Australia at all.

“I hope I’ve got the momentum and this little Twitter campaign I started, that’s kind of going strong. Sotiropoulos is kind of the one name I’ve heard thrown around, but he’s kind of a bit down right now as far as his health and his profile, coming off a couple losses,” said Ebersole.

“To be fair when MMA started getting a bit big, I went to Australia and I helped Australian MMA, whereas he shunned Australian MMA. He came to America and he very rarely visits Australia. So I don’t think that many people in the community even see him as a representative of Australian MMA. He was home grown for the first part of his career, but he didn’t do anything grand until he left for America.”

Ebersole, however, embraced Australian MMA and will continue to do so as he heads back to the country over the next few weeks to pick back up on his coaching duties there. He hopes to soon get a call from the UFC offering him the coaching job on the reality show, but if it doesn’t happen he’ll continue to grow the best Australian mixed martial artists possible.

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