Brett Rogers Receives 60-Day Sentence in Domestic Abuse Case

Former Strikeforce heavyweight Brett Rogers has been sentenced to 60-days in jail following his arrest for domestic violence earlier this year.

According to the Pioneer Press in Minnesota, Rogers was handed the sentence after pleading guilty to third degree assault in a deal where prosecutors dropped charges for a felony for domestic assault by strangulation and stalking, as well as a gross misdemeanor charge for endangering a child.

Rogers was also sentenced to three years probation, he has to attend a court ordered domestic abuse program and until that is completed he is to have no contact with his wife unless his probation offers previously approves it.

Rogers is also banned from using any substance of abuse like drugs or alcohol.

The court denied Rogers’ attorney’s request to delay his jail time to allow him to train for a fight that he apparently has booked for Dec 31.

While the courts won’t deny Rogers the ability to earn an income, they won’t allow him to delay the sentence in this case for him to train for the bout.

Because Rogers already served 26 days in jail under the previous arrest, his total jail time will likely equal about 14 more days in jail.

Following the arrest in which Rogers was accused of physically beating his wife and leaving her with several cuts and bruises, he was released from his Strikeforce contract the following day.

Since that time, Rogers has only competed once in MMA where he lost to former UFC heavyweight Eddie Sanchez.