Brett Martin sticking to the game plan in Lights Out Championship 3 title defense

April 23, 2019

When it came to his February bout against former Ultimate Fighter cast member Josh Parisian at Lights Out Championship 2, heavyweight Brett Martin feels like he did about as well as he could have.

In just over a minute, Martin was able to submit Parisian and pick up his second straight win to successfully defend his Lights Out Championship title.

“I don’t do a lot of game planning; I just kind of go out and fight the best I can fight,” Martin told “I went out there and go the early takedown, we scrambled a little bit and I ended up catching (Parisian) with a pretty nice Kimura early on. It went really well.”

Coming off nearly a year layoff, Martin’s win over Parisian was his third fight since August of 2018. It’s the kind of pace that Martin enjoys and can handle thanks to his many years of amateur wrestling.

“I did most of my amateur career back-to-back-to-back-to-back, and you wrestle your whole like you’re used to competing,” said Martin.

“I like to stay active if I’m healthy. I had some knee injuries as an amateur and an early pro, and it’s been about a year since I had surgery, this is the healthiest I’ve been for a stretch of fights, so I’m trying to take advantage of that and do the best I can to get a lot of these big fights knocked out while I’m young.”

At Lights Out Championship 3 on Sautrday in Grand Rapids, Mich., Martin (6-1) will once again look to defend his title when he faces Jesse Hernandez (7-2) in a heavyweight championship main event.

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“He hasn’t fought in a couple of years, but he’s 7-2, so he has a good record and has fought some tough guys,” Martin said of Hernandez. “I’m sure he’s ready to get back in there and prove why he’s good.

“We’re just going to do what we always do. I don’t really change my game plan up. I go out there do what I’m good at. I feel like it’s more a fight against yourself more than it is a fight against someone else.”

For Martin, being a heavyweight could mean a fast track to the next level of the sport, but not being one to leap before he looks, he’s only going to make the move when it makes sense for him to do so.

“We’ve got some offers from other promotions, but we’re looking to get to that top pinnacle,” said Martin. “But there’s no timeline.

“I’ll get offers for fights, and if one of them makes sense then that’s where I’ll go, but as of right now there hasn’t been one that’s struck my attention to makes me want to jump off this scene. I’ve got plenty of people who want to fight me right now, so there’s no rush for anything.”