Brett Cooper Ready for Whatever Joe Doerksen’s Got at Score Fighting Series 2

October 14, 2011

Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper

Former Bellator fighter Brett Cooper may be seen as an underdog by many in Friday night’s match-up with Joe Doerksen at Score Fighting Series 2, but he’s not letting that get to him.

“I don’t really pay attention to that stuff,” he told “That’s the kind of thing you can’t really let bother you in this sport, or any sport, really. If people count you out, whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me.”

Cooper thinks being overlooked could be a plus for him, but he’s not counting on it.

“You want to use everything to your advantage,” he said. “If that’s the way people are thinking in his camp, good for me. Either way, I’m looking at it like he’s going in there and trying to get in a win and I’m going in there to do the same.”

After inconsistencies had plagued Cooper in his time with Bellator, he made a change in his training camp which has allowed him to win three of his last four fights with finishes in his victories.

“Right now I’m training at (UFC fighter) Mark Munoz’s gym,” he said. “There’s just plenty of good guys to train with, with a good team environment, and that’s definitely one of the big reasons for my success.

“It definitely helps a lot when you have guys in there that can simulate the guys you’re fighting, or gives you the tools to compete at a top level. That’s helped me a lot.”

Cooper knows that to keep things going in the right direction, he’ll need everything in his arsenal to defeat one of the sport’s most complete fighters in Doerksen.

“He’s good everywhere because he’s been doing it so long and knows the game and every position,” said Cooper. “He can beat people in any way; knockout or submission or take them down and grind them out with a decision.

“I’ve definitely taken that into consideration and put that into my training, therefor I’m ready for whatever he’s bringing. I’m looking to push the pace and control where the fight goes and try to win that way.”

With an opportunity to face a true veteran of the sport on an event that will be broadcast live on television in Canada and streamed live on the internet in the U.S., Cooper ‘s career is finally coming to the place where he can begin to take the next step forward.

“I don’t regret anything the way my career is going; I do the best I can, and some things don’t go your way, and some things do,” he said. “I’ll just keep going and eventually I’ll be at the top.

“Wherever I can fight and get more exposure, that’s where I want to go. I’m looking forward to fighting for Score, going in and getting the win and getting some more fans.”

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