by Jeff Cain
MMAWeekly.com has just found out Josh Thomson is indeed on a plane heading for Japan. Trainer Bob Cook told MMAWeekly just minutes ago. “He was on to fight, then off again, then late last night he was on again. We found out late last night and now he just jumped on a plane a few minutes ago.”

Thomson’s opponents have changed in the past few minutes as well. He has been offered to fight a few Japanese fighters, but it looks as of press time the last one they agreed on was Tomomi “Taisho” Iwama.

Commenting on why he orginally wasn’t fighting in Bushido 8, Josh said, “We were supposed to fight Luis Azeredo. Apparently he wasn’t too happy with the fight, and they turned it down I guess, so we were looking to fight some other people. Yves’ name came up, and that fight was also turned down.”

In addition to Bushido he is looking ahead, Josh said, “I’m going to stay busy this year. I’m going to try to squeeze in four or five fights up until November, and if I can get that in then I will. If I can’t then you know, I want to stay busy, and I want to make sure that I’m fighting some tough guys…I mean I would really like to fight someone tough, and make sure that I’m fighting top guys for right now…I’d love to fight Gomi and those guys, so I’m going to make arrangements to try and fight one of those guys.”

This was supposed to be Josh’s qualifying bout to get a birth into the 160 pound tournament. Now it appears with the fight back on he will have that opportunity to fight again.

After this weekend’s Bushido, “The Punk” will be back in action on October 1st, in San Jose, as the co-main event on the same fight card as Frank Shamrock and Cesar Gracie. In closing, Thomson said, “I will be fighting October 1st, here in San Jose on pay-per-view at the HP Pavilion. Frank Shamrock will be fighting Cesar Gracie. I’ll be the co-main on that event.”