(photo courtesy of DSE/Pride)

Yoshihiro Akiyama was scheduled to face Royce Gracie on next weekend’s K-1 New Year’s Eve card, but that fight most likely won’t happen, MMAWeekly.com has learned.

Akiyama has a very bad back injury that occured during training. If Akiyama can’t go, it appears Royce will most likely fight Hideo Tokoro.

Tokoro is in fight shape as he orginally was scheduled to fight Nagata at the show. The weight limit would then be moved to 180 lbs. Tokoro will bulk up and fight at 178 pounds for the fight against Gracie, which is well over what he usually fights at. Royce will have to come down in weight from 185-190 to 180 pounds.

Expect an official announcment from K-1 on Thursday, but as of Wednesday night, MMAWeekly.com reports that Akiyama will most likely not fight Royce Gracie in the co-main event of K-1’s New Year’s Eve show.