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Brandon Vera is on a winning streak in the UFC and he wants the belts. That’s right not just the HW belt, but the LHW belt too. Vera says that he needs goals and that is one mountain of a goal. As Vera said, ” So, I want the Heavyweight championship belt and the Light Heavyweight championship…” Vera said that having huge goals is a way to keep himself motivated.

MMAWeekly TV caught up with Vera before and after his fight against Justin Eilers in Las Vegas. Vera was very entertaining as he said before his fight,” So, my game plan is just not to let him whoop my ass.” Frank Trigg was on hand with Ryan Bennett during the interview and Trigg went off on Vera saying, “Why are you being such a modest dick?” They were very entertaining VIDEO interviews.

As everyone saw on the pay per view, Brandon Vera announced that he was getting married the next day. Even his fiance, now wife, made an appearance on MMAWeekly TV to talk about her feelings watching the man she was getting married to the next day fight in the octagon. Vera said, “I’m trying to get that fight over with, man. I’m trying to get married tomorrow, I don’t want to be all ugly…”