by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
Undefeated heavyweight fighter Brandon ‘The Truth’ Vera burst onto the UFC scene in impressive fashion a year and a half ago, securing wins over Fabiano Scherner, Justin Eilers, Assuerio Silva and most recently former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.

After his quick demolition of Mir at UFC 65, though, Vera seems to have dropped under – but not off of – the MMA radar, with no fights in the past six months. MMAWeekly’s Executive Editor Scott Petersen caught up with Brandon recently to find out when he plans on returning to the ring and to find out which organization his next fight may likely be with.

Brandon said, “I’ve been traveling and training, I just got back from Thailand. I want to be back in August. I’ve been training and my weight is already down to 228. I’m not even training for a fight, but I’m training hard right now.”

With the influx of fighters in both the UFC’s heavyweight and light-heavyweight division, if Vera does indeed return to the UFC in August, are there any opponents that he’s really looking forward to facing?

“Arlovski, Nogueira, CroCop…especially Chuck [Liddell]. I still want Chuck. I want to fight him before he’s tired of fighting. I want to fight him when he’s still in his prime and he’s still hungry and he’s still hitting people hard. I don’t want to fight him after he’s over the hump,” Vera said.

As Brandon continues to train and work on new skills, the thought of an even more talented Brandon Vera is an exciting prospect for fans, regardless of whom Brandon steps into the cage with. His exciting standup, knockout power and submission capacity make Brandon a man who will give anyone in the UFC – regardless of the division – a competitive fight.

The question might instead be, “Can anyone in the UFC give Brandon a competitive fight?” So far the answer is no, but I’m sure Arlovski, Nogueira, Gonzaga, Herring, CroCop, Couture or Liddell may have something to say about that. For now, fans can only hope to find out what the ‘Truth’ in this intriguing question might be as Vera plans his return to the cage in upcoming months.