by Lee Whitehead – MMAWeekly.com
Brad Pickett is making changes, big changes so that he can give his new lease of life in the WEC its best chance of success. He has been plugging away on the U.K. scene for long enough to know that opportunities for us in the international MMA stage are increasing, but it’s off the back of hard work and merit in the cage.

Effective immediate, he is an American resident, training full-time with American Top Team.

“Now I’m with the WEC and have a two year working visa. I thought it would be the best thing for me to do” he offers, adding that his on-off training with the camp up until now gave him all the reasoning to make the switch: “If I want to be the best fighter I can be, this is the place for it. ATT has so many world-class guys to train with in all areas and you just can’t help but improve here”

Pickett has been a regular with the camp for many years, but only when a particular fight has called for him to fly out and train with the guys. He has a close relationship with them and Mike Brown in particular; to some extent he feels that some of the former WEC Featherweight Champion’s style has even rubbed off on him.

“I have been training a long time now and when I first started I was just a boxer who concentrated on sub defence, but along the way you pick up the moves you are trying to prevent and that’s how you evolve” he explains, before adding by way of an example his slick submission over Kyle Dietz.

“The Peruvian neck-tie is a sub I learnt from Mike Brown; He is very good with chokes and I seem to mimic his style a lot, so guess so now I class myself as an all-rounder!”

Making history as the first British fighter to get a shot in the WEC is one thing to be proud of, but the manner in which he won is what he will be judged on; especially as it was his debut as a Bantamweight as well.

“It was a great feeling to get my first fight and win in the WEC because it’s the biggest show in the world for this weight class, but you know me, I’ll always try and put on a show wherever I fight, big or small, because that’s that just the way I am”

“One Punch” as he is affectionately known in the U.K., will be looking to continue his ascent to the title with a victory over his next opponent, Demetrious Johnson; A tough 5′ 3″ wrestler with good striking skills and an undefeated 5-0 record – all within the first round.

“To be honest, I don’t know too much about Demetrious Johnson, other than him actually being 10-0, but just through him even being is in the WEC means he will be a very good fighter and well rounded we will just see how good he is on the night”

So will the former Featherweight fighter have size on his side?

“I should be the bigger guy going into this fight and at this weight class, so hopeful it will be some kind of an advantage but I don’t really care too much my about weight as I used to be the smaller guy before and it didn’t do me much harm” he laughs, before summarising that conditioning will be the key to victory “I am sure he will come ready and in shape, otherwise it will be a short night for him”

Not one to get involved in trash talk and selling a fight, Pickett is all about the sport and he knows that as an athlete, he needs to keep his goals in focus at all times, the WEC is a big deal, but he doesn’t feel he is quite there yet. His closing remarks paint the clearest picture of who he is:

“In my eyes I am not living the dream. It’s very good to be a full-time fighter, but the dream is to be the best in the world and to accomplish that, I still have some way to go”