"Bones" Jones Picks GSP Over Alves

Jon Jones, who faces Jake O’Brien at historic UFC 100 on July 11th, makes no “Bones” about who he’s picking in Georges St. Pierre’s third welterweight title defense against Thiago Alves.

“I’m so excited about GSP,” Jones told MMAWeekly Radio Tuesday. “I admire his work ethic and his championship mindset, and I can’t wait to see him pick apart and destroy Alves.”

Jones says he tried to carry that championship mindset into his own training for O’Brien.

“I really try to look at what these guys are doing and what’s working for them and try to be the next one of those guys.”

The 22 year-old says fighting on the such a huge card will be almost as big a reward as the check he gets at the end of the night. Almost.

“I’m a big groupie of a lot of the bigger name fighters, still,” he said. “I’m really excited that I get to be backstage with these guys, the same locker room as these guys, and I can’t wait till my fight is over, and I can sit in the audience. Hopefully I’ll have good tickets.”