Bombing of Planned UFC Event Site in Afghanistan Doesn’t Deter Dana White

December 29, 2010

UFC logoThe Ultimate Fighting Championship has long been a supporter of the U.S. troops, operating events on military bases specifically for military personnel and raising money for troop-related charities.

UFC president Dana White has coveted putting on a show for U.S. troops in Afghanistan, working hand-in-hand with the U.S. military trying to make it happen. He thought that everything was nearly in place to make the event a reality, but then things went awry.

“We had a place, and the place got bombed really bad,” White told following the UFC 125 pre-fight press conference on Wednesday.

The situation was alarming enough for the U.S. military to put the UFC’s plan for an event in Afghanistan on the sidelines, indefinitely.

The bombing of the anticipated location doesn’t dissuade White, however. He is still prepared to go into Afghanistan and put on a show for the troops.

“When the U.S. military says we can go in, we’ll go.”