Press Release
Solidifying its position as a stylish mixed martial arts (MMA) brand, BodogFight has enlisted a talented roster of athletes for the next season of its popular reality TV show. Filming is scheduled to begin February 10 in the exotic Central American jungles of Costa Rica.

“We are extremely proud to associate with athletes who are clearly committed to the development of this sport,” says media mogul Calvin Ayre, the founder of Bodog.com Entertainment and creator of the BodogFight reality series. “The BodogFight team has been working around the clock to ensure MMA fans are delivered the best in TV content and fight quality.”

Each weight class features highly anticipated battles with returning BodogFighters, such as Trevor Prangley, Eddie Alvarez, Chael Sonnen, Yves Edwards and Kyacey “Ice Cold” Uscola. First-time appearances of established newcomers will include the likes of Daniel Puder and Sami Aziz.

Here is the full list of bouts:

Mario Rinaldi (USA) vs. Roy Nelson (USA)
Mark Burch (USA) vs. Yoshiki Takahashi (Japan)
Kellan Flukinger (USA) vs. Miodrag Petkovich (Croatia)
Dan Evensen (USA) vs. Jeremiah Constant (USA)
Daniel Puder (USA) vs. Michael Alden (USA)

Light Heavyweights
Mike Patt (USA) vs. Todd Gouwenberg (Canada)
Francis Carmont (France) vs. Jeff Ford (USA)
Antony Rea (France) vs. David Avellan (USA)
Moise Rimbon (France) vs. Alex Steibling (USA)

Chael Sonnen (USA) vs. Tim McKenzie (USA)
Trevor Prangley (USA) vs. Pierre Guillet (UK)
Matt Ewin (UK) vs. Andrei Semenov (Russia)
Grzegorz Jakubowski (Poland) vs. Andy Foster (USA)
Izuru Takeuchi (Japan) vs. Kyacey Uscola (USA)
Eugene Jackson (USA) vs. Diego Visotzky (Argentina)

Eddie Alvarez (USA) vs. Scott Henze (USA)
Nick Thompson (USA) vs. Dustin Denes (USA)
Stephen Haigh (USA) vs. Takuya Wada (Japan)
Jose “Pele” Landi (Brazil) vs. Phil Norman (UK)
Piotr Jakacynzki (Sweden) vs. Steve Berger (USA)
Zach Light (USA) vs. Jake Ellenberger (USA)
Jake Shields (USA) vs. Ray Steinbeiss (USA)

Brad Pickett (UK) vs. JR Sims (USA)
Nick Agallar (USA) vs. Ryan Bow (Japan/USA)
Rafael Diaz (USA/Brazil) vs. Sami Aziz (Sweden)
Tyler Jackson (Canada) vs. Kyle Watson (USA)
David Love (USA) vs. Atsuhiro Tsuboi (Japan)

135 Ladies
Tara LaRosa (USA) vs. Shanya Bazler (USA)
Tama-Chan (Japan) vs. Jan Finney (USA)

125 Ladies
Rosie Sexton (UK) vs. Windy Tomomi (Japan)
Carina Damm (Brazil) vs. Molly Helsel (USA)

With the BodogFight series gaining worldwide popularity, Bodog.com Entertainment’s position as an integral player within the MMA industry is readily apparent. The premiere episode of the weekly series BodogFight: St. Petersburg is set for February 13 on ION Television (11 pm/10 pm Central). As in the inaugural season of the series, fans can expect fierce elimination battles, behind-the-scenes training, interviews with fighters, and a soundtrack featuring Bodog Music artists.

Biographies of all BodogFight: St. Petersburg fighters, exclusive footage and unedited interviews from the filming in Russia are continuously added to BodogFight’s official web site, and “The Latest” section is constantly updated with breaking MMA news. The weekly, one-hour BodogFight: St. Petersburg episodes will lead into a PPV main event in April 2007. Stay up-to-date on all MMA action at www.bodogfight.com.