Bobby Nash is looking for a big knockout at XFC 45

August 6, 2021

Coming into this Friday’s XFC, welterweight Bobby Nash was thinking it was going to be a culminating moment for him as he was set to face LaRue Burley in the finals of the promotion’s 170-pound tournament, but due to an injury sustained by Burley the fight won’t happen.

Just a couple weeks before the fight, Nash didn’t believe he’d be able to compete, but as things would have it he did manage to get a bout scheduled and despite disappointment at the loss of his original opponent is excited to fight.

“When I first got the news I was initially very bummed,” Nash told “Here I am in my home state think I’m going to a fight and I hear that LaRue Burley breaks his hand.

“I was very bummed out and didn’t think I was going to fight. But Myron (Molotky, XFC President) and everyone at the XFC wanted me to fight. They knew I sold a lot of tickets and all that. They worked hard and found a really tough guy to take the fight on 12-days notice, so shout-out to him.”

While not an ideal amount of time to prepare for a fight, Nash believes he’s had enough time to make adjustments needed to ensure he performs like he wants to.

“I’ve been training very hard and I’m in very good shape,” said Nash. “For me the big thing in training is getting into good shape. I did have a game plan for LaRue and it’s going to have to switch up, but in 12 days I’m confident I can gather up a game plan and execute it well.

“I already have a little bit different of a game plan, but it’s similar as well. I’m confident in the fight. No matter what happens in this fight I’m very confident in my abilities. Between rounds I can change game plans. I’m confident that I’m very ready.”

This Friday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Nash (11-4) looks to pick up his fourth straight win when he faces off against Quinton Parks Jr. (9-3) in a 170-pound main card bout at XFC 45.

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“I’m always going out there to be entertaining and get big knockouts,” Nash said. “That’s the big goal always. But there’s no pressure. I’m on a three-fight streak, all finishes, and if I get another finish that’s great, but I don’t put the pressure on.

“What I focus on is performing. I go out there and perform. When I focus on the performance and perform well the win comes.”

For Nash the missed opportunity he had for Friday’s show originally is what he’d like to get another crack at before the end of the year. If things don’t work out he might shut things down and begin to focus on 2022.

“What I’d like to do is at the end of 2021 that LaRue is healthy and his hand is healed up,” said Nash. “I’d like to get one more fight with LaRue for the tournament finals, beat him and then go into 2022 and take a couple fights.

“I’d like to take this fight and then fight LaRue if he’s healthy; if not then this could be my last fight of 2021.”