Bobbi-Jo Dalziel focused on one fight at at time heading into PFL 4

When it comes to her 2019, lightweight Bobbi-Jo Dalziel has been able to continue on the kind of success she had built her first couple years of fighting before taking a hiatus.

In two bouts this year, Dalziel has picked up two wins, increasing her career-starting winning streak to five victories in a row.

“My first was in Colorado against Brittney Elkin and it was a good fight,” Dalziel told “I did not enjoy the elevation and I was glad it ended in the first round. It felt weird fighting at elevation; it kind of felt a little bit slower; but I was able to perform luckily.

“My second fight was Genah (Fabian in March), and it was so exciting to fight her because she was a world champion in muay thai. I went into that fight wanting to fight her fight – which was probably not the smartest thing in terms of points for the (PFL) tournament – but it worked out, luckily.”

For Dalziel, coming off a two and a half year layoff to a promotion like the PFL has its share of difficulties, but is just as much a positive move as anything.

“Now that the PLF is offering a set amount of fights in a timeframe, it’s great, but it’s hard on the body, so it’s been a whole game-altering change with all this training,” said Dalziel. “All these people are coming in (for training) and we’re going all these places.

“It’s nice having an event to look forward to instead of (before) getting one (fight) in a year or a year and a half, who knows.”

This Thursday in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Dalziel (5-0) will look to remain undefeated when she faces Larissa Pacheco (11-3) in a 155-pound preliminary bout at PFL 2019 4.

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“She’s going to want to take it to the ground, which is fine,” Dalziel said of Pacheco. “I’m going to try to keep it standing. I like a little bit more of an exciting fight in the stand-up aspect of it, but all we’ve been doing is groundwork. It’s not as fun for me on the ground, but I’ve still got to get it done.

“I’m pretty sure she’s going to shoot for some wild punches and then try to take it to the ground. I’d like for her to stand-up, but it’ll be a chance for me to kind of display my ground work and takedown defense and stuff like that, so I’m actually looking forward to it.”

While Dalziel feels other fighters in the 155-pound division are looking ahead at the payout at the end of the PFL season, she’s focused each bout as they come and nothing else.

“It’s one fight at a time, anything else doesn’t matter,” said Dalziel. “If you don’t get through that fight, what’s the point at looking ahead? You don’t want to get too ahead of yourself.

“The other girls are hash-tagging they’re going to be a millionaire, but me I’m going to work on one fight at a time. I’m going to put everything I have into that one fight and then go from there.”