Blown Knee Behind Her, Amanda Bobby Cooper Ready to Impress at Invicta

Following an amateur career that saw her fight nearly a dozen times in three years, female flyweight prospect “ABC” Amanda Bobby Cooper has not been able to find the same consistency as a pro.

Not too long after her final amateur fight, Cooper tore both her ACL and MCL, hampering her progress.

“I fought my pro debut on it and two boxing matches on it,” Cooper told “(In training) I could do technique, but I couldn’t do anything live because I’d end up injured and out for a couple weeks. I didn’t have insurance or the money to pay for surgery, so I kept pushing it.”

Cooper was able to pick up a win in her first fight as a pro against Brittany Dugas for King of the Cage in February of 2014. Since then she’s had her knee repaired and has signed with Invicta FC.

“Once I beat Brittany, I got better insurance and got it paid for, and since it’s healed, I’ve been training full-time again,” said Cooper. “I hadn’t been able to do that before, and now that I can do everything, I’ve improved so much that it’s unbelievable.

“The girl I fought in my pro debut was undefeated at 7-0 as an amateur, so I’m sure that she was looked at pretty highly. So when I submitted her, it was like saying that I was here.”

Over a year since she last stepped in the cage, Cooper (1-0) will have her first fight in Invicta against fellow prospect Aspen Ladd (1-0) on Saturday in Kansas City.

“I don’t really like to watch a ton on my opponent. I let my coaches do that, because I don’t like to weigh heavily on something that they’re good at and stress about it,” said Cooper. “I like to really just focus on what I’m good at and what I need to do to get the win. I don’t like to put my opponent on a pedestal.

“When I did watch tape on Aspen, I didn’t feel threatened in any area. I thought she’s pretty good at this and that, but she’s not dangerous at anything. To me the biggest thing you can lack as a fighter is to not be dangerous in any area.”

Now that she’s fully healthy, Cooper is excited to see where she can go with Invicta moving forward.

“I’m thankful that Invicta kept with me through my injury and recovery, and everyone’s been waiting for me to fight, and now this is finally my time,” said Cooper.

“I love beating legit opponents. I want to beat the best, so this is a really good match-up. Beating Aspen will help my name be known. I’m only 23, so I feel I’m going to just keep improving and beating the top girls.”

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