Blog Video: The Quickest Tap Out You’ll Ever See in an MMA Fight

April 29, 2014

In MMA, things happen that are so unexpected that they can cause everything from anger and frustration to excitement and addictive fanaticism. And sometimes things happen that just make you say “Wait, what?”

Apparently, a fighter in a regional promotion in the United Kingdom recently tapped out a split second into his fight, submitting to his opponent who never even got the chance to put his hands on him.

To be fair, we don’t know for sure why he tapped out. The comments section for the video is full of claims that the fighter was injured and needed to end the fight, and the title of the footage (probably unfairly) labels the fighter a “coward.” It could be one thing or another, but on thing’s for sure: it’s the fastest fight we’ve ever seen.

Take a gander for yourself in the video above. Props to @ULTIMMA for the find.

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