Blog Video: Full-Contact Skydiving is a Thing, and Urijah Faber is Down With the Savage Ballet

Ground and pound just took a whole new meaning.

Full-contact skydiving is a new-age contact sport that basically looks exactly how it sounds — MMA in the sky. Combatants apply striking and grappling techniques while in a free fall, and there’s even a referee falling in on the action.

UFC bantamweight Urijah Faber got involved with the organization, training fighters while they prepare in a wind tunnel.

“There’s a lot of stuff with FCS and mixed martial arts that blend together well,” Faber said in the video. “I found the best way to describe our sport is a ‘savage ballet.'”

Check out the video above of fighters/skydivers doing their thing, as well as Faber giving his take on the extreme style.

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