Blog Video: Amateur MMA Fighter Taps Out in a Fight He Was Dominating

(Video courtesy of Inside MMA)

You might remember our post about a fighter that tapped out the moment the opening bell rang. Rare stuff, but this might be even more unique.

An amateur fighter named Mike Pantangco submitted to his opponent, Jeremy Rasner, in a recent Prison City Fight League bout. That doesn’t sound abnormal at all, but Pantangco was dominating the fight up until he decided to inexplicably tap out. The reason, Pantangco told Inside MMA, was he didn’t want to further subject his opponent to harm.

Come again?

“I just feel that there’s no point fighting him because he didn’t train against me and I didn’t train for him,” he explained. “I just feel like we’re amateur fighters — we don’t get paid, we don’t get money. And I know that the only [way] I’m going to finish the fight is him to go in the hospital or get hurt. I just feel terrible so I’m just going to give him the win.”

Kudos for the mercy rule, Pantangco. In a sport that’s recently seen fighters have to get pried off their opponents by referees to stop fights, this is a nice little change of pace.

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