Blog Photo: Can a Gangster Survive an Axe Murderer? Chael Sonnen Goes to Brazil to Find Out

January 8, 2014

Much has been made about the safety of Chael Sonnen since it was announced that he would coach opposite Wanderlei Silva for the third season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil. The show will feature an all-Brazilian cast of fighters, it will be filmed in Brazil, and Sonnen will be the first non-Brazilian coach in the show’s brief history.

Sonnen will spend upwards of six weeks or so in Brazil, in the den of the lion, so to speak. Well, the lair of the Axe Murderer would probably be more accurate.

“The threats are very real. Attempts have been made,” Sonnen told recently, affirming that the threats to his safety are taken quite seriously by him and the UFC.

He’s not backing down, however. “I’m not gonna live my life in fear. I don’t live in fear.”

Hopefully there will be no incidents of note during Sonnen’s time in Brazil, outside of him and Silva interacting on the show and then fighting after the series airs.

Sonnen on Monday, posted the above photo on Facebook to show that he is on his way to Brazil to begin filming. So we’ll soon see how the scenario plays out.

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