Blog: Don Frye is Not a Fan of Women’s MMA, Drug Testing or Ronda Rousey

Don FryeDon Frye is one of the longtimers in mixed martial arts. Having fought in the UFC and Pride, having boxed and kickboxed, having acted in movies and TV commercials, having performed in professional wrestling… look up “been there, done that” in the dictionary and you’re likely to see a picture of Don Frye.

Considered a pioneer of MMA, and nearing a half century on the planet, Frye has never been shy to speak his mind, and in a recent interview with Submission Radio Australia, he did nothing to curtail his tongue.

Talking about everything from Ronda Rousey fighting Floyd Mayweather to drug testing in the fight game to his time in Pride, the Predator seemed very predatory in his interview.

Without further ado, Don “The Predator” Frye, in his own words…

Floyd Mayweather vs. Ronda Rousey
“That’s the dumbest bunch of (expletive) I’ve ever heard in my life. Whoever’s saying that is a (expletive) moron and they don’t even have enough sense not to piss on their feet when they go to the bathroom.” 

When told that it was Dana White who made the Rousey vs. Mayweather Comment
“What the hell else is he gonna say? Ronda’s his (expletive). Mayweather would pick up a brick and knock Ronda in the head and bust her head wide open. He’s probably got a pistol in his pocket anyways. Come on! Let’s use some common sense. The guy’s smart enough to have a bodyguard with him. He’d just let one of those guys slap her around.” 

Women’s MMA
“They’re (expletive) fights. Ronda Rousey hasn’t been challenged. If Dana White loves and respects the fight game and the fight fans like he claims he does, he should take a million dollars and pay the person, the woman who beat Ronda Rousey in the Olympics, pay her a million dollars to train her in MMA for a year, and then there, boom. Then that shows how much he loves the sport and respects the fans, you know by brining that broad in there.” 

MMA Now, Compared to when Don Fought
“It’s completely different from when I was fighting. When we we’re doing Pride fighting, I mean you had that first ten-minute first round. That was a big round. Sometime you really can’t plan for something like that. I mean, back in the UFC when I fought in the UFC there wasn’t any rounds at all. You just went you know, ’till somebody quit, or the referee or doctor stopped the fight. It’s pretty much the same thing, it’s just, it’s gotten softer.

“It’s a sport. Back in the UFC, when I was doing the UFC, when I was doing Pride, it was a fight. Now it’s a sport.” 

On Fixed Fights in Pride
“I think we only had about one or two fights where the opponent didn’t get changed on us a few days before. Hell, when I fought (Jerome) Le Banner in the K1/Pride competition, it was supposed to be somebody else, you know, but all of a sudden they said ‘well he wouldn’t show up, so we got Le Banner’. And they told me ‘we just flew him in’. I was like ‘he looks fresh as a daisy’. 

“There was a bunch of strange stuff going on. On several fights they changed my opponent three or four times.” 

TRT and Drugs in MMA
“No, I don’t think it’s a problem. It’s a fight god damn it. If you’re gonna fight, fight. Who cares what the guy’s taking, you know? It doesn’t matter. Get in there and fight.

“Look, if you’re gonna demand testing, you’re not a fighter. That’s all there is to it. You know, if you’re gonna demand testing, you’re gonna demand the god damn government to take care of your opponent for you, you know, that’s (expletive). You’re not a fighter. Stay on the couch with the women. Put on an apron and make some cookies, god damn it. If you’re a fighter, you don’t care.

On Rumors that His Mustache is Gone
“No man, it’s just a cruel joke. It’s just, you can’t believe everything, you know. It’s like trying to believe (President) Obama was born in the United States. Some stuff just ain’t real.”

If we’ll see Don Frye in an MMA Cage or Wrestling Ring this Year
“No, I’m taking the year off. About ten months ago I had my sixth back surgery. They fused ten vertebrae on me, so I gotta take at least a year off, just to get my wheels back underneath on me.

On Retirement
“I don’t think you ever really do retire. Because there’s always somebody out there talking a little smack, so you go in there and knock ’em on their ass, and show ’em what the real world’s all about.” 

On the Famous Takayama Fight
“I was just trying to figure out what the hell was holding that big guy up the whole time. I was hitting him hard, you could hear it back in the top row, and that guy still stood there. I couldn’t understand it. I was starting to question me, starting to question my manhood.” 

After the Takayama Fight
We were walking through there to get to the bus, shoot it’s like a quarter mile walk, and we’re walking through there and he jumps out of his locker room, like holy (expletive)! He bows to me and says ‘Don san, sorry’. I said ‘what for?’. He says ‘for not giving you a better fight’. (I said) ‘If you had given me a better fight, you would’ve killed me.’ 

“It’s a different culture over there in Japan. As part of your contract, they expect you to go to the after party. People pay money to go the after party and rub elbows with the fighters. You don’t get much of a chance to eat, but they gave me a lot of drinks. So you get to drink and have a few drinks, and talk to the fans, and talk to the other fighters, and you don’t end up remembering much, I’ll tell you that.

The Feeling in Pride
“It was amazing. You go out there in front of thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy-five thousand plus people, and it’s like you’re fighting in front of the whole city, and everybody’s watching you.

“The Japanese understand the importance of entertainment and the value of it. It’s a whole different system over there, the way they treat you; they treat you with a little bit of dignity. 

The Involvement of Yakuza in Pride
“I was too dumb. I was too busy, I had tunnel vision, and I was just concentrating on myself and on the fight. So I didn’t really pay attention to anything else.”

One person in the UFC he’d have a beer with and one person in the UFC he’d beat the crap out of.
It’d be the same guy; it’d be Chael Sonnen. It’s be the same guy on both answers. I like Chael. He’s fun to listen to, fun to watch, but you know, he’s full of (expletive).”

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