Blair Butler From G4’s Attack of the Show Breaks Down Bellator Women’s Title Fight

G4 Attack of the Show's Blair ButlerOn one side you have speed and technique, on the other you have size and power. This classic match-up of opposing styles has previously helped determine champions and will do so once again when Megumi Fujii clashes with Zoila Frausto for the Bellator women’s 115-pound title this Thursday in Hollywood, Fla.

To break down the fight that will determine the best female fighter at 115 pounds, G4 Television’s Blair Butler, co-host of the MMA Chokehold segment on Attack of the Show, spoke to MMA Insider and gave her prediction of his historic clash of styles.

“Megumi Fujii is the most dominant fighter in her weight class – and her crafty submission skills, ever-improving stand-up game, and solid cardio should be able to negate Zoila Frausto’s considerable size advantage and score ‘Mega Megu’ a tournament victory,” predicted Butler.

As Butler points out, tendencies in previous tournament bouts could foreshadow action in Thursday’s finals.

“A number of people feel that Jessica Aguilar actually won her semifinal match against Frausto,” commented Butler. “And Aguilar’s solid boxing against a much bigger opponent should serve as a confidence booster to Fujii, whose brief, but furious, burst of stand-up against Lisa Ward let to a submission so quick I had to rewind my DVR three times to watch it.”

Still, with the unpredictability at times of the sport, Butler doesn’t rule out that it could be anyone’s match.

“On the other hand, it’s MMA, and anything can happen,” stated Butler. “Frausto proved that with her undeniably shocking – and instantly viral – KO of Rosi Sexton.

“So will we see Fujii eat a knee on Thursday? I doubt it – but in the fight game, you never know. I’m just excited to watch what happens.”