Blackburn Possibly Sidelined With Neck Injury

UFC welterweight Brad Blackburn suffered a neck injury in his fight with Ryo Chonan at UFC 92 and is awaiting an orthopedist’s prognosis before giving the green light to fight again.

“Apparently, I have two bulging discs in my neck, and I guess I have arthritis too,” he told MMAInsider.

Blackburn says a punch to the head caused his arm to go numb in the middle of the fight, and it’s been bothering him ever since.

“I dropped my arm down and I was playing it off,” he said. “Before that, I never had a problem with it.”

Next week, Blackburn will find out whether he needs surgery for the bulging discs, or a minor “scope” for an arthritic growth on them. If the latter is diagnosed, he says he’ll be ready to go in two months.

“They’re gonna give me a fight right when I’m ready,” he said.

For the mean time, he’s training in anticipation of the lesser injury, and trying to work through the issue.