by Mike Burgin (Photos by Jessica Burgin)
(Top two: Jason Black; Bottom two: Rich Clementi / Photos by Jessica Burgin)

Extreme Challenge 64
Terrible’s Lakeside Casino
October 15th, 2005 – Osceola, Iowa

Extreme Challenge returned to Iowa and Terrible’s Lakeside Casino as promoter Monte Cox compiled an amazing fight card for the fans in attendance, which included undefeated welterweight Jason Black’s triumphant return to competitive mixed martial arts. UFC Welterweight champion Matt Hughes was in attendance and controlled the action in the cage as the event’s referee.

In one of the more exciting fights of the evening, Sean Huffman (7-5) defeated John Halverson (9-3) in a controversial, albeit accurate, decision. Early in round 1, Halverson was unintentionally struck in the groin by Huffman’s knee and given 5 minutes to recover. Once the action had started again, Halverson seemed the aggressor, throwing left right combos that backed Huffman into the fence. Halverson closed the distance and both fighters exchanged standing knees. Halverson once again went down to an apparent groin shot, as Huffman backed off momentarily and gestured to his corner that it was a clear thigh strike. Referee Matt Hughes instructed Halverson’s corner that there was no groin strike and that the fight had not been stopped, at which time Huffman exploded back on Halverson, dropping two straight punches to his face while Halverson was still reeling on the mat. The fight was then immediately stopped and Huffman was declared the victor. The decision was greeted with many boos and jeers from the crowd, but upon review of the tape, it was declared that the knee did in fact strike Halverson’s thigh and Hughes’ decision was the correct one.

Josh Neer (14-3-1) was also competing on the fight card and looking to start another win streak after his UFC Ultimate Fight Night loss to Drew Fickett. His opponent was a very tough, and physically larger, Nick Thompson (21-8-1). Thompson controlled most of the match with some exciting and unorthodox stand up skills, landing numerous looping upper cuts and similar looping overhand rights while standing. In round 2, Neer absorbed a lot of punishment and never really seemed to be in synch. Eventually, Neer was able celebrate a brief success by getting a takedown, however, Thompson was able to roll Neer and gain mount position almost instantly. Neer then gave Thompson his back, and Thompson took full advantage by sinking a rear naked choke for the tap out at 2:19 of round 2.

UFC veteran Rich Clementi (24-9) then took on Chris Mickle (12-4-2) for the Extreme Challenge Lightweight Title. Clementi was far the superior fighter in this match, at one point trapping both of Mickle’s hands while in full mount and landing countless small hammerfists to Mickle’s face. Once Mickle was able to escape Clementi’s mounted assault and bring the fight standing again, Clementi was able to secure a body clinch, picked Mickle up, and slammed Mickle with enough authority to echo throughout the casino. From there, Clementi gained side control and landed some big shots to the face before Hughes stepped in and stopped the fight at 2:51 of round 1 as Rich Clementi gains the Extreme Challenge Lightweight title.

In the main event, Miletich Fighting Systems athlete Jason Black (19-0-1) made his return to Mixed Martial Arts by taking on the very experienced Kyle Jensen (32-9) for the Extreme Challenge Welterweight Title. Jensen was able to get an early takedown on Black, but Black appeared to be physically stronger than Jensen was able to reverse the takedown. Black then passed Jensen’s half-guard to work into a north/south position, applied a choke and Jensen tapped at 1:15 of round 1. Jason Black, after being out of competition for over a year, looked phenomenal in winning the Extreme Challenge Welterweight Title.

Full Results:
Branden Anderson (2-0) def. Nick Brown (2-2) – 1:05 of Round 1 – TKO (Ref stoppage due to strikes)
Rory Markham (7-1) def Mike Van Meer (10-9) – 1:48 of Round 1 – KO (straight right)
John Strawn (29-6) def. Sean Wilson (9-5) – 2:08 of Round 1 – Tapout to triangle choke
Sean Huffman (7-5) def. John Halverson (9-3) – 2:40 of Round 1 – TKO (strikes/injury)
Chad Reiner (4-1) def. Victor Moreno (13-5) – 4:01 of Round 1 – Tapout to rear naked choke
Nick Thompson (21-8-1) def. Josh Neer (14-3-1) – 2:19 of Round 2 – Tapout to rear naked choke
Rich Clementi (24-9) def. Chris Mickle (12-4-2)– 2:51 of Round 1 – TKO (Ref stoppage due to strikes)
Jason Black (19-0-1) def. Kyle Jensen (32-9) – 1:15 of Round 1 – Tapout to north south choke