Press Release
HANFORD, CA. Today “D” Womack, owner of Valley Fight Club
announced a deal has been signed between the club and mixed martial artist and UFC Champion BJ Penn to hold a one day seminar May 13th in Hanford, Ca. “We are proud to be able to bring someone of BJ Penn’s caliber to this small town and the Central Valley.”

For those not familiar with the mixed martial arts, or “cage fighting” industry, BJ Penn is known as the “Prodigy”. Penn joined the sport of jiu jitsu at the age of 17, and hasn’t looked back. Taking the sport by
storm, BJ dominated his opponents. BJ Penn is the first non-Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner to win the coveted Mundai Championship Title.

BJ Penn didn’t stop there. He continued honing his skills and adding various other forms of martial arts. Penn would eventually enter the UFC, also known as the ultimate fighting championships. He quickly rose within the UFC ranks, cumulating in the title match against welterweight champion Matt Hughes. For this match, BJ Penn moved up in weight class. After a few minutes of the first round, Penn would claim the welterweight title form Matt Hughes with a rear naked choke. This explosive victory put the sports world on notice that BJ Penn was the real thing, and here to stay at the top.

Unfortunately for the fans, a contract dispute within the UFC would force BJ Penn to fight in another organization. These actions resulted in BJ Penn having his title belt stripped from him.

In 2006, BJ Penn returned to the UFC in a challenge fight with title contender George St. Pierre to continue his UFC career.

Now MMA enthusiasts in the Central Valley will have the opportunity to train and learn from BJ Penn himself. The Valley Fight Club in Hanford, California is bringing BJ and his training partner from Hawaii to conduct an all day training event. BJ will share the skills and experience he has accumulated over many years of top competition in the MMA arena.

.”I love the sport, and this is a chance to learn from one of its best” said Kenney Money, a member of Valley Fight Club MMA program. “A big name in this sport like BJ Penn, here in Hanford, is a huge event!”

The May 13th event will be held at the Valley Fight Club in Hanford, Ca. It is an all day event from 8:00 am until 4:30 p.m., and includes a continental breakfast and catered lunch. The price for this unique opportunity is

$ 120.

For more info you can contact the Valley Fight Club at 559-584-7333. Act quickly for this event is limited to 60 participants and will sell out quickly.