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MMAWeekly TV was able to go out to Hawaii and track down the former UFC Welterweight Champion, BJ Penn from his home in Hilo Hawaii. You can see this exclusive video only on MMAWeekly TV.

“This is a World Title Fight” says BJ Penn about his upcoming bout against Georges St. Pierre this weekend at UFC 58. BJ wasn’t one to mince words as he spoke with MMAWeekly TV, “There is not anybody out there who would deny that this is a world title fight who know, Dana White, Matt Hughes, everybody else out there.”

When asked about if he feels if he is trying to regain the belt after returning to the UFC, BJ said,”Dana knows I have the belt, Matt knows I have the belt. Everbody else knows I have the belt.”

BJ also talks about
– St. Pierre and what he needs to do to beat St. Pierre.
– his traing partners for this fight
– about his desire to fight for the Middleweight title and the Lightweight title if the 155 division comes back!!!
– why he wants to fight for a 155 divison title

As BJ said, “This is it. This is a world title fight. This is important as hell, important as hell.”