by MMAWeekly.com Staff
MMAWeekly takes you one on one with BJ Penn and Gary Goodridge after their fights in Hawaii.

MMAWeekly talks with BJ right after his fight with Renzo Gracie after Renzo entered the Aloha Stadium with Rickson, Ryan, and Ralph Gracie along with Matt Serra and Ricardo Almeida to back him up. But BJ Penn pulled out a victory over Renzo and MMAWeekly catches BJ in the ring right after the win bringing you closer to the action.

Penn wasn’t the only one to have a good night. It was also a Goodridge night. BJ fought one fight, but Goodridge fought 3 fights in one night to win the K-1 Hawaii GP, securing himself to be a contestant to fight in Japan in September to qualify for the year end K-1 GP championship. Not only did he have three victories in one night, but he had three KO’s in one night. Gary Goodridge has apparently reinvented himself and shares his thoughts with MMAWeekly after his victorious fights.

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