Bisping Isn’t Title Happy… Yet!

Since making his move to the middleweight division, popular British fighter Michael Bisping has had a very hard time keeping his name away from matchmakers across the globe putting him in a title fight against current UFC champion Anderson Silva.

Bisping takes the fans enthusiasm as a huge compliment, but also knows ultimately it’s up to the UFC who he fights and when.

“Me personally, I take the compliment from it, but I don’t read too much into it,” Bisping said to MMAWeekly Radio recently. “Obviously, it’s very flattering.”

Never one to jump ahead of himself, the Brit admits that he’d always accept a title shot, but it’s not something he wishes for yet at this point in his career as a 185-pounder.

“If a title fight was offered in my next fight, obviously I’d take it, but right now if I had a say in it, I wouldn’t want that just yet,” Bisping stated. “I’m still maturing as a fighter. I’d still want two or three more fights before I got that opportunity.”

First things first, Bisping takes his shot at Chris Leben this weekend in England at UFC 89.