Press Release

Bikes Babes Brawls 4
“Original” **** Faibanks AK **** Sat June 17 *****Metal Mulisha freestyle motor x show***********

“Pay-per view” only on www.mmappv.com Worlds First
World Wide Web Broadcasting Network……

Dirty Dog Ent., Frostbite Vale Tudo and Metal Mulisha Invades Fairbanks AK June 17 **** Bikes Babes Brawls ****12 Full Contact Ultimate Cage Fights….

Bad Boys Bad Girls and one Bad Bad Cage! Sat June 17 Fairbanks AK
state Fairgrounds 7PM fights Start @ 9

X Games Champion and Metal Mulisha superstar Justin “Holyman” Homan performing freestyle moto x meham over the octogon….

Local Frostbite Vale Tudo Fight Club cage warriors step into the cage for Gold and Alaska pride!

The “Fairbanks Phenom” fighter Justin Buchholz(3-0) Takes on Bethel AK Matt”Big pipes” Peter

Scott”Ultimate Hitman” Mackafee(3-0) Fairbanks AK faces Mexicos boxing Champion Rapheal Remeirez (26-2) Boxing Record….

From the Hockey ring to the cage former UAF Hockey player Pat “Rain Man” Glendea (..AFC 4 ranked) takes on “Blitz” Blakman (..AFC 5 Ranked)….

Corona Extra World Super Fight Title**************
Returning from retirment Clyde “Man of Steel” Jenkins goes toe to toe with West Coast Fighting Champion Justin “Hawk” Hawes for the
************** world wide movers main event****** Fighting for the pride of Alaska AFC Lightwaight Champion Markus “Cheif Thunder” Fazim (..#1
ranked (AFC) 9-6 ) steps into the Octogon to face Carlson Gracie Fighter… and Fairbanks Champion Mike “Jackhammer” Joy (15-1 NW ranked .. 2)

Tickets available at BBC-Fashions…..Kodiak Jacks …..Ticket Master….. Frostbite vale Tudo and online @ desertbrawl.com

Sponsors…. “Budweiser King Of Beers”…… World Wide Movers…… Frost Bite Vale Tudo..**** www.mmappv.com *******Mixed Martial Arts First “Live”
World Wide Pay-Per-View Broadcasting Station

155 Mike”Jackhammer Joy vs. Marquis “Cheif Thunder” Facine
140 Jimmy “Lights out” Gainy vs. Hanh Nguyen
170 Pat “Rainman” Glenday vs. Erik Blitz Blakeeman
155 Caleb Rueter vs. Jason Esponoza
155 Justin “the Phenom” Buckles vs. Matt Peter
170 Jeremy “Showtime” Geisinger vs. William Alexander
155 Scott “Ultimate Hitman” Mcaffe vs. Raphael Rameraz
180 Justin Hawes vs Clyde Jenkins
170 Tim “Milk Man” Nielson vs Josh Rivus
170 Jeff Nielsen vs TBA

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