Bi Nguyen’s wild ride with ONE Championship has brought out the best fighter in her

November 4, 2019

Looking back over her 2019, though the year started off slow for strawweight Bi Nguyen, the last several months have been something of a whirlwind.

Upon joining ONE Championship in April, Nguyen has fought multiple times, across multiple combat sports, and has been enjoying the experiences she’s had with the promotion.

“Ever since signing with ONE it’s been a wild ride and I couldn’t be happier,” Nguyen told “I had three fights in the last six, seven, months, and it’s been great.

“It’s made me realize that I’m the best athlete I can be when I’m challenged, so it’s brought out the best in me. Just travelling around Asia, and being back in my country of Vietnam, it’s just been incredible.”

For Nguyen, being as active as she has been lately has been highly beneficial for her game.

“Just being honest with myself, I’m better when I have a goal in sight,” said Nguyen. “Having a fight to prepare for every two months, every three months, brings out the best in me and it keeps me on the top of my game, in shape, and motivated.

“I just train in my camps accordingly (depending on the combat sport). I transition pretty well. I think I’m well-versed and well-rounded as an MMA fighter. Whether it’s a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, a wrestling match, or a stand-up fight, I think I’m ready for it all.”

On Friday, Nov. 8, in Manila, Philippines, Nguyen (5-4) will look to pick up her third MMA win in her last five fights when she faces Nong Stamp (2-0) in a strawweight main card bout at ONE Championship: Masters of Fate.

“She is a hell of a striker, obviously; she holds the Muay Thai and kickboxing belts,” Nguyen said of Stamp. “For me, if I know somebody’s strengths, it’s easy preparation for me. I’d rather know somebody’s strengths than to fight an unknown and have so many uncertainties.

“For me going into this camp knowing she’s such a strong fighter, I know how to prepare for it; I know how to game plan for it. I really know how to prepare for this opponent. I just have to watch for her stand-up and take it to her weakness, which will be the ground, and finish the fight.”

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Though 2020 is right around the corner, Nguyen has learned from experience it’s best to approach one fight at a time and not look too far down the road in her career.

“When my first loss came, it just unraveled me because I was expecting so much for myself and planned so much,” said Nguyen. “So now in the place that I’m at now, I just enjoy competing and enjoy what I do, and I’ve seen the best results from that.

“I’ve seen the best performances from me from that mentality. So I’m really just enjoying it right now and am not thinking too far into the future, and just taking it one fight at a time.”