Offers Unique Opportunities for UFC 94

If you’re a fan of betting, but not sure which fighters to pick, has a few special offers that might make fans have some more fun while wagering on UFC 94 and other events.

With UFC 94 on Saturday and the Super Bowl on Sunday, has you covered for all of your traditional wagering and some not so traditional ideas to take a chance on this weekend.

Take a look…

What happens 1st

First score in Super Bowl 1/2

BJ Penn/St Pierre fight finishes 3/2

Number of tapouts at UFC 94 5/6

Number of TDs at SB XLIII 5/6

Number of Fights that go the distance at UFC 94 5/6

Number of FGS at SB XLIII 5/6

Most Likely to happen

Willie Parker gets MVP of the SB XLIII 10/13

Nate Diaz gets “Submission of the Night” 10/11

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