Benson Henderson Looking to Build on Bellator Momentum on Saturday

October 10, 2018

Coming off back-to-back split-decision losses in his previous two Bellator bouts, lightweight Benson Henderson was able to rebound and pick up a win in his most recent bout with the company.

Facing fellow veteran Roger Huerta, Henderson was able to get a win, and also avoid going to decision for the third straight time by picking up a second-round submission.

“I think the fight with Roger was okay,” Henderson told “I think I had a better performance than I had in my other Bellator performances. If you have a great performance you’ll have a lot more wins than losses.

“I had a good performance against Roger, but I’m still able to learn and have a few things to pick up on and get better still. The best thing to do is win; get your hand raised; and then look back and see what you can improve on.”

For Henderson it was much more important to get back on track rather than try to make some kind of statement against Huerta and possibly face a third straight loss.

“You’ve got to go out there and not be concerned with finishes,” said Henderson. “When you’re concerned with finishes, you limit yourself. You’ll be wide-eyed to other openings and will be distracted when just looking specifically for finishes.

“That being said, it was awesome and great to go out there and get the win. I just need to improve every day and get better overall so that I don’t necessarily have to be worried about finishes. I can make finishes happen more just by being the better fighter; they’ll be there a lot more.”

At Bellator 208 on Saturday in Long Island, N.Y., Henderson (25-8) will look to build a winning streak when he faces Saad Awad (23-9) in a 155-pound co-main event.

“He’s got power in his hands, so I have to watch out for those,” Henderson said of Awad. “I’ve got to make sure that I impose my will in the fight and make sure he doesn’t dictate the tempo and pace of the fight. I have to make it a fight that I want.

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“I have to make him to move where I want him to move. I have to make him step where I want him to step. I have to make him throw what I want him to throw. If I can do that then the fight has a better chance of going my way.”

Having been through so much already, Henderson is just trying to focus on what is in front of him and not get too far ahead of himself as he continues his MMA journey.

“For me, most of my career I’ve just taken fights as they’ve come,” said Henderson. “I want to keep fighting, winning, getting my hand raised and having good performances, but in this world you don’t always get what you want, so I just take things fight by fight and do things the best I can.

“I’m always trying to improve little things. I’m trying to get better every day.”