Benavidez and Torres Break Down WEC 47 Main Event

Joseph Benavidez and Miguel Torres fight each other in Saturday night’s WEC 47 co-main event. But both had a lot to say about the evening’s main event between WEC bantamweight champion Brian Bowles and challenger Dominick Cruz.

I like Brian Bowles. He’s a great guy, so as far as fighting him, we’ve trained together a little bit, and I’d love to have the fight with Dominick Cruz again. Of course I want to avenge my loss, and I know I’m better than that, so I could beat him. There’s that aspect of wanting to fight Cruz again, but as far as the outside looking in, if I had to pick someone, I’d definitely pick Bowles.

I just think he has more ways to finish the fight. And if it’s a five-round fight, the only way Dominick really has at beating him is a decision. It’s going to be hard to stay away from his submissions and power for five rounds. He can maybe do it for three rounds. I just think that Bowles has more ways to finish the fight, and Cruz has one, which is to out point him.

You can’t underestimate Cruz. He has that point, beating people on points down to a science basically, so it’s going to be a great fight, but if I had to bet, I’d pick Brian.

At first when I looked at the fight I thought Dominick Cruz would have the edge, and then I started watching fights on Bowles and fights on Cruz, and Cruz fights with his hands down a lot, and he’s fought a lot of shorter guys. A lot of his opponents have been shorter guys, so I think the same strategy that he’s used against his past opponents and keeping his hand real low, Brian just needs one big punch to hurt Cruz. I haven’t seen Cruz get rocked yet. I’m leaning more towards Bowles because with one punch you can change everything.

The fights that I’ve seen of Cruz, he moves very well, and he’s a very good striker, but he leaves his hands real low. He might have the edge in wrestling. I think Dominick’s wrestling is better than Bowles’, but I haven’t seen Bowles get pushed yet. I couldn’t push him past the first round, so we’re going to see. It’s an interesting fight.