Ben Saunders Ekes Out the Win Over Court McGee (UFC Phoenix Results)

January 15, 2017

Ben Saunders and Court McGee are two entertaining welterweights that have struggled to gain any championship traction int the Octagon. At UFC Fight Night 103 in Phoenix on Sunday night, Saunders edged out the victory, trying to start a run up the rankings.

The fight started quickly with both men looking to engage. They got into a clinch early, but neither gained much of an advantage there, although McGee seemed to land a few more punch combinations. 

McGee being busier would prove to be the theme of the fight, although it didn’t exactly play to his favor in the end. 

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He got ahead of Saunders in the opening round – having to fend off several kicks – but put on the pressure and landed several multi-part punch combinations. Saunders was content to utilize more of a one-off strategy with his strikes, of which many missed or were caught.

Round two was a little bit closer than the first with Saunders landing more of his kicks, but McGee did a good job keeping the pressure on, closing the gap and landing multi-punch combinations. Saunders kept his distance, where he could get off his kicks.

The final frame saw McGee continue his pressured approach, moving Saunders around the cage, closing the gap and landing punch combinations. 

In the closing moments of the fight, McGee got Saunders to the canvas, where he implemented a steady diet of ground and pound, but couldn’t land enough heavy shots to put Saunders away. That would prove costly after time expired.

While it appeared that McGee had been the busier fighter throughout the fight, the three judges in attendance all saw the fight 29-28 in favor of Saunders.

“His heart is unstoppable. He wasn’t gonna quit and neither was I,” said Saunders after accepting the victory amidst a chorus of booing fans. “I’ll be back stronger. I’m sorry, hopefully you were entertained. I’ll be better next time, I promise.”

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