Ben Rothwell Wants Rematch with Andrei Arlovski

Ben Rothwell is a man with a plan following his UFC New Orleans win on Saturday.

Rothwell said during the post-fight press conference that Stipe Miocic deserves the next shot at the title after Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum duke it out at UFC 188 next week. But beyond that, Rothwell sees nothing other than a rematch with Andrei Arlovski as his next fight booking.

“I think Andrei Arlovski and I should dance,” Rothwell said. “He’s ranked fourth and some people talk about him getting the next title shot, so I think he and I should fight next. I know he has a little bit of an injury, so he’s going to take some time off. I’ll be ready for him when [he comes back].”

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Rothwell and Arlovski fought in 2008 for the now-defunct Affliction promotion. Arlovski battered Rothwell with strikes to win the bout via knockout.

UFC95_BenRothwell_009 750Move ahead seven years later and Rothwell is a winner of three straight in the UFC heavyweight division. He explained that the recent run makes a statement about being a suitable competitor in the 265-pound class. Even so, he constantly sees the blogs picking against him in every fight he books. No matter, Rothwell said, because he’s happy to keep proving MMA writers wrong with their predictions.

It’s not going to affect his plans of working towards the UFC heavyweight title, beginning with a second shot at Arlovski.

“Constantly I feel like I’m overlooked and not getting any respect,” he said. “I was an underdog again tonight … Everyone picked Mitrione. I’m kinda getting used to it. I like it. Keep making me the underdog. I like putting [losses] on your picks.”

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