The fighters for Thursday’s Bellator 32 at the Kansas City Power & Light District weighed in Wednesday afternoon, making the full fight card official.

The card will crown the first Bellator heavyweight and bantamweight champions. Cole Konrad squares off with Neil Grove for the heavyweight honors, while Ed West and Zack Makovsky will battle for the 135-pound title.

The official results of the weigh-in are as follows:

MAIN CARD: -Cole Konrad (264 lbs.) vs. Neil Grove (263 lbs.) -Ed West (134.25 lbs.) vs. Zack Makovsky (134.25 lbs.) -Ryan Thomas (169.50 lbs.) vs. Jim Wallhead (168.75 lbs.) -Chris Page (166.50 lbs.) vs. Michael Chandler (164.50 lbs.)

UNDERCARD: -Ryan Roberts (145.75 lbs.) vs. Eric Marriott (145.75 lbs.) -Chad Reiner (176 lbs.) vs. Rudy Bears (180.75 lbs.) -Jared Downing (134.9 lbs.) vs. Danny Tims (135.9 lbs.) -Shane Hutchinson (144 lbs.) vs. Brian Davidson (145.75 lbs.)