Believe it or not, Cris Cyborg is rooting for Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35

WWE’s WrestleMania 35 has nothing to do with mixed martial arts, but it still means something to former UFC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino. 

Former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, who catapulted women’s MMA to a level never before seen, is competing in the first-ever women’s main event of a WrestleMania card, which is the pro wrestling juggernaut’s biggest annual event.

Despite their past rivalry, with Rousey in the main event, Cyborg has a vested interest in WrestleMania. Pro wrestling is a career avenue that Cyborg has considered at times, as well. For now, she wants to see Rousey represent MMA well, which could open a potential door for her.

Rousey and Cyborg slung insults at each other for years, but never stepped into the Octagon to fight. Maybe one day they might meet in a WWE ring.

Another side story to WrestleMania for MMA fans is that Brock Lesnar is putting his Universal Championship on the line against Seth Rollins. 

Lesnar stepped into the Octagon to issue a challenge after Daniel Cormier defeated Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight championship. Lesnar hasn’t really earned a shot at the belt, but anytime he steps in the Octagon, it draws lots of eyeballs, which means he and whomever he fights make lots of money. Cormier wants to make lots of money.

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UFC president Dana White wants Cormier to make lots of money and, of course, wants the UFC to reap the rewards of a blockbuster bout between Cormier and Lesnar. 

Insider’s believe that Lesnar losing at WrestleMania 35 would pave the way for a rumored match-up between Cormier and Lesnar sometime later this year, currently believed to be targeted for an August pay-per-view event on ESPN+. Not that Lesnar has to lose at WrestleMania for the fight to happen. He has the clout with both organizations to make the fight happen if he wants it.

Cris Cyborg states her support for Ronda Rousey in historic WrestleMania match

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