Belal Muhammad: ‘I know I can be a champion’

Exactly one month after securing a unanimous decision victory Dhiego Lima at UFC 258, no. 13 ranked welterweight Belal “Remember the Name” Muhammad stepped up on short notice to take on no. 3 ranked welterweight Leon Edwards in the main event of UFC Vegas 21.

As previously mentioned, Muhammad was just in Las Vegas for his fight at UFC 258. Speaking at virtual media day for UFC Vegas 21, Muhammad says as a result he feels the lead-up to this fight with Edwards was easier than his preparations for Dhiego Lima.

“Honestly, I feel like it’s all a part of the same fight week. I was just here a couple weeks ago, so now I feel like it’s literally all the same trip,” Muhammad said. “I’m actually way more comfortable than I was for my last fight where there’s not as much anxiety just cause I was just here. I don’t have to overthink anything.”

That’s a good mindset to have when approaching any fight, let alone Muhammad’s first main event against the highest ranked opponent he’s faced in his near five-year stint with the promotion.

Muhammad was awarded this opportunity after the fight was passed over by high ranking welterweights like Colby Covington. But for Muhammad, this chance at the top five was a no-brainer.

“At the end of the day we’re prizefighters. These guys are forgetting about that, man.” Muhammad said. “To be the best you have to beat the best and you have to fight the best guys.

“Everybody nowadays, they’re sitting there picking and choosing who they want to fight. For me, I can beat anybody in this division. I know I’m good enough to beat anybody in this division. I know I can be a champion in this division. So that’s why I’m willing to say yes to everybody, because I’m not afraid of fighting anybody.”

When Muhammad spoke about his opponent, he gave Leon Edwards credit where it is due.

“He’s very consistent. He does the right things [well] and he knows how to win,” Muhammad said. “That’s the biggest thing he knows how to do. Whether it’s by decision, submission, or knockout, he knows what to do to get the win and he doesn’t go out of his lane.”

Despite the massive challenge Muhammad is facing in Edwards, it seems clear that he is ready to rise to the occasion.

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