Bec Rawlings Explains Failure to Make Weight at UFC Houston

UFC Fight Night 104 is set for Saturday in Houston following Friday’s official weigh-in. All but one fighter made weight, and that one fighter took to her Facebook page on Friday to explain why.

Bec Rawlings, a popular UFC strawweight, stepped on the scale at 117.5 pounds. That is 1.5 pounds over the 116-pound limit for a non-title fight in the weight class. 

Although she missed weight, her opponent, Tecia Torres, accepted the bout. In missing weight, Rawlings was penalized 20-percent of her fight purse, which is given to Torres. 

Following the weigh-in, Rawlings explained that she has some medical hurdles that make it difficult to get down to the 115-pound mark, and thanked Torres and her team for accepting the bout while knowing Rawlings couldn’t cut any further.

Bec Rawlings“Earlier this year, I was finally diagnosed with Secondary Hypothyroidism after struggling with my weight and energy for so long and to add to that my hormones, cortisol and everything that fires this beast of a body has taken a hit from these nasty weight cuts to 115,” Rawlings wrote.

“Today I pushed my body to its absolute limits to try (to) hit 116 and my body failed me. I know people don’t exactly know what cutting weight entails and are quick to judge and talk (expletive), but I know I did everything in my power to make weight today. I’ve been calling for 125 for this reason, women’s bodies are not designed to cut extreme amounts of weight and I am not the only UFC fighter with these issues, we need more divisions. 

“I’m still fighting, Tecia and her team ATT were very understanding and knew I couldn’t cut anymore and just want a good fight tomorrow night, which we will give.”

Earlier this year I was finally diagnosed with Secondary Hypothyroidism after struggling with my weight & energy for so…

Rowdy Bec Rawlings 发布于 2017年2月3日

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