Bec Hyatt Believes She Did Enough to Win at Invicta FC 6 Despite What the Scorecards Read

July 20, 2013

Bec HyattBec Hyatt has become a fan favorite in Invicta FC.  Whenever the Australian mixed martial artist competes in the American-based all-female fight promotion, the crowd regularly chants, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…”

In her fight with 18-year-old Japanese rising star Mizuki Inoue on July 13, it was no different.  The crowd was on her side, but the scorecards were not.

Hyatt (5-3) lost by unanimous decision, but believes she should have had her hand raised at the end of the three-round bout.

“I guess I learned my lesson; don’t leave it in the hands of the judges,” said Hyatt during the Invicta FC 6 post-fight press conference.

Hyatt feels that she won the opening and closing rounds of the fight.

“I feel like my dominant position at the end of round one won me that round, and in round three I got in my groove,” she said.  “I feel like I won rounds one and three, but the judges saw it different.”

Despite her disagreement with the judges over who won the fight, Hyatt had nothing but positive comments to say about her opponent.

“Mizuki is tough.  She’s 18 years old and an amazing athlete.  I’m disappointed.  I hate losing.  I’m a sore loser.  I take my ball and go home.  I guess I could have done better.  I always learn more from a loss than I do a win, so it’s back to the drawing board,” she said.

“Mizuki was good.  She brought it to me.  She said she was going to stand and bang and I was like, they always say that, but she did.  It was a good fight.”

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