Press Release
On Saturday night Vince Genna Stadium in Bend Oregon played host to
another outside cage fighting event put on by DesertBrawl & the people of Dirty Dog Entertainment. BaseBrawls packed in a record number of fight fans and had an array of vendors like: Kink Clothing, Gladiator Fight Wear, NorthWest Fight Scene Magazine, and some tricked out choppers unveiled by Attitude Customs. Attitude Customs was a winner in the Biker Build Off 2006 television show on the Discovery channel, and you could tell by the bikes they unloaded for display at the event.

MMAPPV.com was on hand broadcasting live with fighter Justin “Dragon” Reinhart for the folks who couldn’t make it. And during the show promoter, fighter, and head coach of the Desert Dog Fight Club JT Taylor announced the new training facility at National Fitness in Bend Oregon, plus the next show on September 23 which will be dubbed “Oregon vs. Texas” were DesertBrawl champ John “Guns” Gunderson will face York Ash(), head coach of Team Inferno, in the main event.

In a fight that many said he could not win Team REACT fighter, and Bend Oregon native Damion “Batten Down The” Hatch (3-3) made history by taking out Paul “Picnic” Purcell (10-7-2) to become the new 170lb Professional DesertBrawl title holder. The two squared off almost immediately and started feeling each other out circling the cage while Purcell was throwing some leg kicks trying to disrupt the game of Hatch. However, Hatch landed a mean body shot that instantly put Purcell to a hunched over position. The ironic part was Purcell likes to play injured and throw some wild shots after he baits people in so Hatch delayed before rushing in to finish him. Yet finish him he did, Referee Dave Hagen stepped in and called the fight in the early seconds of round one and the whole place went crazy! If you followed the history of these fighters you might be able to remember the chain of upsets going back to Bikes, Babes, and Brawls II were Ultimate Fighter season three contestant Josh “Bring the Pain” Haynes was dropped by the heavy hands of Wrecc “The Wrecking Ball” in another display of serious under dog status. Next it was Wrecc who was the top dog when he faced Paul “Picnic” Purcell, but it was the underdog who came out on top when Purcell dropped Wrecc with a spinning back fist to become the 205lb champ. And now it is Purcell who was dethroned from glory in a stunning display of boxing from Team REACT & Damion Hatch.

In more Professional action, Eddy “Fast” Ellis (9-11-1) took out King of The Cage veteran Jake “The Snake” Paul (1-3). Paul was fighting out of Salt Lake City Utah from the “American Who Hit You” camp with teammates such as UFC fighter Josh “Peoples Warrior” Burkman. Both of these fighters were seasoned veterans, but Ellis worked a mean ground and pound game and it was evident that he was much stronger then Paul. He slammed Paul numerously, and landed a lot of shots from Paul’s guard & side mount position. In the end Ellis finished the fight by referee stoppage in the first round. Shortly after seeing his teammate suffer a defeat, Ellis challenged Hatch to a re-match at 170 and Hatch accepted. The champ will have a short lived vacation since he lost his last fight against Ellis in Bikes, Babes, and Brawsl II and will have his work cut out for him in his first title defense.

In the only Desert Dog loss of the night Team REACT fighter Derek “Ironman” Jones (3-1) defeated Shaun “Wolfman” Johnson (2-2) by arm-bar in the first round. Johnson took Jones down and started to work him into the cage with some ground and pound, yet as it looked like he would dominate the fight Jones sunk in a deep arm-bar and turned his back off the cage to sink it tighter. Soon enough Johnson was forced to tap, however you wouldn’t see disappointment in his face the Wolfman was happy to fight the Ironman and already talking about fighting him again. It is great to see to amateur competitors like these, because humility and respect are all that is in the cage when these guys compete and this is what will help separate our sport from the blood thirsty, disrespectful sport people will try to get you to believe it is.

New to the 155lb division Desert Dog fighter Tomi “Last Minute” Massey (5-1) returned to action after an injury and took the smile right off Chris “All Smiles” Liles (2-5) face. Massey came out gunning and just never stopped. With absolute pin point perfection Massey landed some huge shots and kicks to the body and head of Liles. After landing some hard shots repeatedly referee Hopi Jenkins was forced to step in and stop the fight in round one. Massey’s cardio was top notch, which he attributed to Body Renew at National Fitness his new nutrition specialist. Look forward to seeing big things from Massey in the extremely stacked 155lb division.

In a re-match that had a lot of negative talk about quitting and faking an injury Desert Dog fighter Brian Tyler (4-2) made a serious statement by knocking out Curt’s Ultimate Fight Team member Nick Braker (4-2) to even the score to (1-1). Tyler came out and set the pace feeling Braker out, but after a small clinch Tyler landed a huge shot that sent Braker to the canvas and ended his night. Tyler is a powerful striker who is tearing up the amateur heavyweight division, and I can’t wait to see who JT gives him next.

The Attitude Customs fight of the night went to Desert Dog debuting fighter Ryan “Ry ful” Fulton (1-0). Fulton beat wrestler and Independent fighter Vince Scherer (0-1) by triangle choke very quickly in the first round. Scherer tried slamming Fulton several times to get out, but it only tightened and soon he had to tap out. Fulton is only eighteen years old, and is great at jiu-jitsu look forward to this kid shaking things up.

BaseBrawls was a great show and definitely was a great addition to the outside events put on by the DesertBrawl organization. Special thanks to Dave Hagen, Hopi Jenkins, Becka, Dragon, Kink Clothing, Gladiator Fight Wear, Row Runner flooring, and Northwest Fight Scene Magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the northwest newest and sickest magazine got to NWFightScene.com and check it out. BaseBrawls is a JT Taylor and Chris Fought Production.