Bas Rutten Staying As Busy Out Of The Ring As He Was In It

January 30, 2011

Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten

Anyone who thought Bas Rutten would slow down in retirement is sorely mistaken.  Years after he called his active career quits, Rutten is as busy as ever, working on a myriad of projects.

Up next, Rutten can be seen in the upcoming Feb. 1 episode of the hit FX television series “Lights Out.”

Speaking to about how he lined up his appearance on the series, Rutten said, “One of my best friends, Holt (McCallany), is the lead actor on the show. When he found out that they needed an MMA fighter, he said I was the only guy he wanted to do it with.”

Rutten had previously worked with McCallany on the series “Freedom,” where he served as fight choreographer over a half a year of shooting.

Staying true to his style of fighting, Rutten went all out shooting his scenes for “Lights Out.”

“I have one speed and that’s full speed, and Holt’s like that too,” commented Rutten. “He’s a method actor and likes to get in there and get hit a little bit.

“It was tough, but it was a lot of fun. They said it was one of the best fights of the whole season. It’s going to look powerful, let me tell you that.”

Staying with television, Rutten continues to work on HDNet’s highest rated series, “Inside MMA” with co-host Kenny Rice. And if that wasn’t enough, he has a couple of other TV projects in the works.

“I shot a pilot where we re-enact robberies, hold-ups, and stick-ups, whatever goes bad, and I tell the people what they could have done,” said Rutten. “It’s like the bar fighting DVDs I did. It’s real stuff, quality stuff we’re doing, but not super, super serious.

“I also just did some hosting for a crazy video clip show, like ‘Bas’ Biggest Breakdowns.’ I think that came out very well.”

Rutten’s time in front of the camera will shift towards the movies when he begins shooting an MMA comedy, sensitively titled “Here Comes the Boom,” in March with longtime collaborator Kevin James.

Rutten is also pursuing other business opportunities, such as his work with Star Greetings.

“It’s these virtual greeting cards (where celebrities like) Eminem, 50 Cent, and other big names are involved,” commented Rutten.

“You type in the name, like John, and pick the occasion, like a birthday card, and I say something like, ‘Hey, John, this is Bas Rutten. Happy Birthday, etc.’ and I do a little fight scene in there and it’s really funny.

Following in the lines of his Body Action System (B.A.S.), Rutten is set to release another training product he’s had in mind since he was 15 years old and hopes will cross lines from sports to other activities.

“I’m working on something called the O2 Trainer,” announced Rutten. “The O2 trainer is a breathing device that you have in your mouth while you’re training. It trains your diaphragm and lung muscles, so you can get really strong lungs from it.

“It’s been a long time in the process. Just to get the patent was a nightmare, but now we’ve got everything and it’s falling into place. I think it’s going to be very good for any athlete or singers or people who play wind instruments are going to gain a lot by using this product.”

Rutten continues to prove that he was never one to slow down in the ring, and it doesn’t appear he’s going to anytime soon out of it.

Said Rutten in closing, “Hey everybody, check out ‘Lights Out’ because lights will be out next Tuesday on FX.”