by Scott Petersen – MMAWeekly TV
MMAWeekly caught up with Bas Rutten while he was training for his July 22nd fight against Kimo. Rutten was originally planning on being the color commentator for the WFA, but it didn’t turn wout that way.

Rutten said that when he showed up for a photo shoot for the WFA (back when he was just going to be the color commentator), he and Kimo started to talk, and they brought up the fact that both of them had fought Tsuyoshi “TK” Kosaka in their MMA careers. Kimo lost to TK, while Bas beat TK. Then Kimo apparently brought up the controversial decision that Rutten won against Kevin Randleman for the UFC Heavyweight Title back in 1999. Kimo said that Rutten really lost the fight, and Rutten took offense, feeling as though Kimo was trying to get at him.

What happened next? As Rutten told MMAWeekly, “So, I went to my manager, and I said, ‘Listen. Do you have an opponent for Kimo?’ And he says no. [So I said], “Well, why don’t I fight him then, because he’s kind of pissing me off.'”

After being retired from MMA competition for the past seven years, Rutten is now returning and will take on another big name in the sport. Prior to taking the fight with Kimo, Rutten hadn’t trained in MMA for three and a half years.

He has now been training for two and a half months for this fight, and the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Bas be ready? In response to that question, Bas said, “My muscle memory was good. It came back fast. Within two weeks, I started to get back into the game… like a month, five weeks [into the training], my timing started to come back.”

It all comes down to which fighter will be able to dictate their will in the fight. Kimo makes no bones about the fact that he wants to take the fight to the ground, while Rutten’s expertise is his dangerous striking ability.

Nonetheless, Rutten said, “Actually, I’m going to take him down probably, because he doesn’t expect that… he comes running in, I shoot down, single or double leg.”

We’ll find out who will emerge victorious when Bas Rutten and Kimo meet up at The Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 22nd. In the meantime, you can check out a video interview with Bas Rutten on MMAWeekly TV.